Monday, November 10, 2008


I have not posted in a while. Blogging is not a hard habit with me.

Besides... I have been distracted by cats.

One of my hobbies is domesticating feral cats and getting them good homes. Many of them have started as kittens or young (less than a year), but I have had some success with older cats.

But they need good homes.

In the next week or so I will post pictures of the cats who are ready to adopt. They have all been fixed. They all deal with people. They all love attention.

I also have some "special needs" cats, but those will take someone special to handle them. (One had a minor stroke and has movement problems. A couple are just anti-social with anyone other than my family.)

I won't advertise on Craig's List since I don't trust the people who tend to answer ads. I am afraid they would wind-up being subjects for medical experiments or used in 419 fraud somehow.


Anonymous said...

Dear Alan List;

I represent Mobouto Jones, lately being the animal conptroller of Nigeria. We are in the ways of having difficulteness in transferring the some of SEVENTEEN MILLINOS cats, but may have some hopes of success with your kind assistance

rinkjustice said...

Hi Alan,

I have a fondness for cats (and animals in general) and what I think you're doing is terrific.

Good luck to you.