Sunday, May 11, 2008

Deathrace 2008

The biggest question I have had during the last few months of the Democratic primary is "Did Hillary fail math in school?".

She reminds me of one of those people who are in multi-level marketing who will sell the product at any cost. If you fail, you just did not try hard enough. It does not matter if the competing product is better or the high pressure sales tactics are turning people off. And if you have to play dirty, so be it.

The only way for Hillary to win at this point is to force the nominating committee at the Democratic Convention to install her as leader. She does not have enough delegates (super or otherwise) to win, even if you add in Florida and Michigan. She does not have the popular vote.

Not that she will admit that.

She acts like she is winning. She tells people she is pulling ahead. The numbers do not reflect this, however.

To win, she has to play dirty at the convention. If she does that, She will lose a whole bunch of Democrats who believe in fair play and honesty. Myself being one of them.

More and more she is reminding me of George W. Bush. Both have delusions that they are right, no matter what the evidence may show. Both seem to think that power should be attained and held by any means necessary. Both pander to the "common man" to make themselves more palatable to the average "Joe Six-Pack" voter even though they have little in common with them.

I started out being pretty indifferent to Hillary. I did not like her (mostly because of her stands on video games), but I did not hate her.

That has changed and not for the better.

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